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MTE Quick Start

Introduction: The MTE

Eclypses has developed a new low-latency, secure, and proprietary technology that empowers systems and connected devices to communicate with unprecedented levels of privacy and security. The MicroToken Exchange (MTE) is the core of our technology, and it is undeniably the future of secure communication in a digital landscape.

The MTE works by using NIST-approved Deterministic Random Bit Generators (DRBGs) to create random values as a data substitute; a random stream of values! The random streams of values are not derived from your data and have no discernable relation to your data, or any other generated random stream of values. A connected endpoint equipped with MTE can accept a random stream of values and recover your data. Even when sending the same data multiple times, generated substitute values are absolutely unique and completely random. The MTE is capable of operating at extremely low latency, enabling applications such as real-time, high-definition video streaming, with unparalleled data security.

To accomplish this level of performance and security, MTE was written in the C language, and Eclypses provides interfaces in various languages allowing the MTE to be implemented in any application. The MTE can secure data transmissions between servers, cloud environments, connected IoT devices, Web Pages, Mobile Apps, LoRaWAN devices, and works in most environments, including Apple iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and MIPS. Our technology is small in disk size, has a well-defined API, and is easily implemented into most systems.

Where to go from here

We strongly recommend reading both of our articles on the MTE Key Features, and on MTE Best Practices.

For a more specialized explanation of MTE in specific environments, reference the following:

Thanks for using the MTE to secure your data!