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Eclypses Quick Start

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How do you intend to implement Eclypses MTE?

Eclypses MTE Library

Custom Implementations of Eclypses MTE

The Eclypses MTE library can run in nearly every environment to secure data moving between two endpoints.
  • I want to learn more! If you are intrigued by the Eclypses MTE Library and what it could mean in your own application, consider starting here!
  • Learn the ins and outs of the library here!.
  • Explore the various features and add-ons here!

Eclypses Cloud Products

Client-to-Server Applications in the Cloud

MTE Relay Server is a Docker Container used to decode/proxy HTTP Requests from your Client Apps.

Typical Use Case:

  • Client Applications
    • Web
    • Mobile
  • Server Application
    • REST API (Server Application) in the Cloud Typical Use Case

Server-to-Server Applications in the Cloud

MTE API Relay Server is two (or more) Docker Containers used to encode/decode/proxy HTTP Requests from one another, providing a secure Data-In-Transit network communication layer to API Services in the cloud.

Typical Use Case:

  • Server-Side Application in the Cloud
  • 3rd-Party API Service in the Cloud Typical Use Case